Sunday, December 19, 2010


Ever been to a Zumba class at a gym or local facility? My friend Jennie and I started going to Zumba classes at the local gym and quickly fell in love. It is like a dance party every time. So there was a certification class coming up and we decided to go. It was tons of fun and a intense 8 hours. The picture above is us half way through the training class.

The training teacher was high energy and such a cool lady. She taught us all the moves and instruction. Very neat lady!
This is me with Madalene Aponte the Zumba instructor right after I received my instructor certificate. I am in no way good enough to teach a class of my own, but I now have a better understanding of the moves how Zumba came to be, and had a great experience of a lifetime.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Mixed Bag Month

Wow! Crazy that I have not blogged for almost a month now. A lot has gone on in that month, I almost don't know where to begin.

Let me start with the happy news:

I finished off my term with a 4.0, yes I passed both my classes with an A. I'm stoked as I worked very hard to get those A's. Now I have a month off.YIPPY! Next term I have paraprofessional counseling 2, Life span and development and art appreciation.

My friend Jennie and I went to Anchorage and became certified Zuma instructors, it was a 8 hour day of training and loads of fun! I have to practice up and get a whole lot better before I would take on a teaching position but wow, that was FUN!

Not so good news:

My cars transmission blew up and has been at the shop for a month now, awaiting a new tranny to be shipped up here so they can fix it. Two days after my car died, my Husbands truck died beyond repair, so we have this hunk of junk 85 subaru that barely runs, some days it runs right and other days it will hardly go.

Christmas is tight, more tight than it has been for, well, I'd say 23 years. I keep telling myself this to shall pass.

Weather news:

It has been cold and dark, and I mean cold and dark........for the last couple days we have not seen above zero at all. Sunrise is at 10 am and sunset is at 3:45 pm. This is not so good for me with limited travel and being stuck at home. I look forward to the daylight slowly creeping back up, getting my car back and well warmer weather which warmer weather will be a long wait.

I hope everyone is well and ready for Christmas.