Saturday, January 31, 2009

Full Mind

OK so the last couple days I have been doing homework. My mind feels a little like a jelly donut. Oh you might say yummy but at this point I'm thinking NOT!...haha
Okay so I had to write a little paragraph with action verbs present tense and then change it up to past tense. I know I can do this it, just seems like my mind really didn't wanna rap around this at all. I had a hard time with this in high school, and well it has been just a couple years since then, if ya know what I mean. Okay so finally got that done, and had to move on to my math, which seems so greek to me. Here let me just give you one of my problems and show you what I mean.

F(x)=4x-3 G(x)=2x+5
F(x). G(x)
(4x-3) (2x+5) = 8x squared +20x -6x-15 = 8x squared + 14x-15

There it's all done for ya, can you figure out what it all means?

Just wanted to give you a little update of where I have been and what's been going on, now back to my math homework.
Until next time

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

She's Gonna Blow

One of our Mountains is about ready to erupt. Yes Mt. Redoubt is being a sassy lil mountain. Redoubt is on color code Orange, and giving off many small earthquakes. Now on the news they are saying she will for sure erupt but they are not sure when. I have to go to the store today and buy dust masks, air filters for the cars, and shop for groceries, in case we have to stay indoors for any length of time.
Here you can check out the activity. and it is Mt. Redoubt they even have a web cam going, you can see when it is not dark out.
and here for the earthquakes happening

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh So Spoiled

Saturday my daughter Rachel, took me out for the day of treats. We went tanning and then for pedicures. It felt so good to lay in a tanning bed for 10 minutes and soak up the heat, that warms yer bones. Then off to pedicure land, we went to a place I have never been and they have chairs lined up side by side and we were able to sit in a massage chair next to each other and get our feet worked on, and chat about life. All this her treat, and I was very Blessed by her doing this with and for me.

It is awesome to have a daughter that Love's her Mommy and wants to spend pampering time with me. I feel that I must have done something right in her life to want to spend quality time with me like this.

When I got home I ripped off my shoes and told my hubby look I have purty feet, then my son woke up and I made his look also,........LOL All day I kept making them look at my feet, they would just roll their eyes and say yep I have seen them.

Ahhhhhhh I feel so pampered still and it's 3 days later.

So now I have to show you my feet.

Look aren't they purty.........Haha

Saturday, January 24, 2009


About 9:09 am this morning my hubby and I were sitting at the table drinking coffee, talking about our day. Well I felt a bump in my chair and asked him if he felt that. He responded with a yeah and about that time it started shaking the house, my plants were swinging along with the crystals hanging in the window, It went on what felt like ever, but only a minute or less. I checked with the and they say it was a 5.7 Talk about a crazy way to wake up, cause that really gets your blood flowing and makes ya wonder if this is gonna be a biggy and ever stop.
I grab the phone and call a few friends and ask did ya feel that....LOL
The only one that didn't feel it was my daughter Rachel cause she was sleeping, the goof!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fantastic Friday

We got a call from our son, Jared. He is coming to see us and will be here Feb-11th. I personally can't wait to see my handsome man, and be able to have him home for awhile again. He is not sure how long he is going to stay. He want's to work his business while he is here and is in hopes of new clients.
I jokingly told him he can go to school with me for a day, hang up his fliers, do some work on his computer in the commons, then he could meet a smart chick, fall in love and stay here forever.....Ha Mama's got it all planned out.......LOL

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yippi Skippy

I Just got a call from my oldest daughter Vera, she told me that I'm going to be a Grandma again. This will make #8 (well not all from her) her second . I'm so very excited, and now to wait to find out if our little Blessing will be a Boy or a Girl.
I'm not sure if they will wait and find out or she will have them tell her when it's time for an ultra sound.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Please Take Time

One of my very bestest friends posted about her son today on her blog titled a New Normal. Please take time to read it, and leave her any prayers, words of encouragement or experiences you may have with this. I know she would be greatful, I'm sure.


Craving Satisfied

I have wanted pizza now for over a month and just couldn't bring myself to go get one or have it delivered since none of the pizza places in my town are that good, and it's so expensive.So tonight I made one of my own, I even make the sauce as I can't stand store bought. It had chicken, mushrooms and onion on it. It looked so good before it hit the oven I took a picture of it(yes I know that's weird) I love to take pictures of my food.Now I can finally say craving satisfied.

Meet My Son Chad

Last but not least is my youngest son Chad. He is 15 and lives at home with us. He is a bright spot in my days, and so mellow. He is doing good in school, and making plans for his future. Although they change often. He has his drivers permit, and is making My hair turn greyer by the minute when driving....LOL
As you can see he is very proud of his muscles, and wants nothing more than to take his Dad down when play wrestling.

I can see my time of having Children at home is coming to an end and I'm not really sure how I'm gonna handle that.

Meet My Son Jared

This is my oldest son Jared. he is 21, and a very fine young man. He lives in Oregon. He is still single and taking his time finding the right woman to share life with.
He works at Starbucks, and has his own business. You can check his stuff out at .
He is a great man, and wonderful to watch him take life by the hand and be guided in the right direction.

Yes I will say it is easier raising boys than girls, there is so much less drama......LOL

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet My daughter Lora

This is my youngest Daughter Lora. She is 24, and a very beautiful woman also. She lives in Alaska not to far from me, she lives with her man and 2 kids. She is a lucky a stay at home Mom also. I'm very proud of her in many ways. I'm so Blessed to have a woman to woman relationship with her.

Meet My Daughter Rachel

This is my second oldest daughter Rachel. She is 25 and also a very beautiful woman. She lives in Alaska not far from me.,with her man and 4 kids. She works at a daycare in town. She also has made some good choices in life. I'm very proud of her in many ways.
I feel so Blessed to have her as a friend, as the kids get older it's more of a woman to woman friendship than Mom and daughter.

Meet My Daughter Vera

This is my oldest daughter Vera. She is 27 and a very beautiful woman. She lives in Washington State, with her man and little one Logan.
I have always been proud of her and her choices in life.
Mind you teen years were the hardest, but I think all parents go through that. I have always told her that she will go through the same things with her kids and just wait.....LOL
She is a stay at home Mom and in this day that is a wonderful privilege to have.
I Love the friendship we have together as adults, it is more like a true friend more than Mom and daughter.
Yep she is a Blessing in my life.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Have A Confession

I have this problem with bread, not just any bread mind you. But the delicious flavor of homemade french bread.

So this morning I wake up laying in bed thinking how yummy it would be to make some french bread. The more I think about it the more I think I really gotta have it. So I get up and drink some coffee and start my process of making 2 fine loaves of bread that my mind and body thinks it needs. My Hubby asks"what is the occasion for such wonderful bread" 'are we having company" "what's the special dinner we are having tonight". I have to answer that I just crave it and my body needs it...haha He looks at me all funny and says whatever you say Honey...LOL

So now that it is done I will slice some garlic and melt some butter and put that on top, toast it up in the oven and enjoy the best garlic french bread ever.
Is there anything you feel you can't live without, ya know like a confession of your love for????

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ick Rinks

Finally our Alaskan weather has warmed from 40 below to 40 above, the only problem with that is it brought rain with it. Most of us know that rain on top of snow does not mix well. Our roads are like an ice rink now. Yes I had to drive out there today, and it seems so wrong to drive on something that looks like you could ice skate on. So off I go on my mission to Sterling, steering wheel white knuckled, and total concentration of watching the road. People in the ditch and cars in other places they should not be. I light a smoke and pray that I keep my Saturn on the road. I only go 40 mph, and let the jerks that think they need to whiz by ride my ass, until they get to the point they can pass, and I say"see ya in the ditch up there", which 1 person fishy tailed all over and made it out of it and kept going, only to reach speeds to fast for ice once again. I made it to where I was going and back home, and I am so thankful to be off the ice rink, and in my snugly home where I belong.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Million Miles an Hour

Ok so I'm sure you all know how you mind can go a millon miles and hour when thinking or getting disturbing news.

Well my Mom has been battling cancer off and on now since November 2001, in Dec 2001, she had surgery, and started taking a chemo pill called Gleevec. Then another surgery in March of 2002. Then she went in remission and things were going well. All the time in between she was going to all her follow-up appointments, having P.E.T scans, and doing what the Doc's told her to do. Then in Oct. 2008 she had to have surgery again, which at that time they removed some tissue and 2 lymph modes, at that time the Doc told her she would have to take Gleevec the rest of her life. Last week she had a colonscopy, and today she got a call back saying they found cancer cells once again. Now she is waiting for the oncologist to call her back with a plan of action.

I ask that everyone pray, think good thoughts or what ever it is that you do in life, for her.
She is my very best friend, and I want nothing more than her to be alright and cancer free.

Hopefully all this makes sense, as my mind is reeling, and my thoughts are jumbled.

Homework Vs. Beauty

Yesterday was my first day back to school, and as you all know along with that comes homework. So this morning I open the blinds to my windows, and log into my web class. I start working through the assignments the teacher posted, and bam I find myself staring out into the beautiful morning. I can't help but take a moment and thank the Lord for such beauty filling my eyes as I try to work along. I get through most of those assignments and pull out my math book, well here again I find myself gazing out the window, at the splendor of the morning. I'm feeling very lucky to be at home working on my education, and being able to take in such beauty as I factor trinomials.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pencils, Erasers and Books

I better get my thinking cap back on as, tomorrow starts the new term at school. Yes is it Algebra and English for me. Algebra is like a foreign language to me, some equations go left to right, others right to left and then the real topper is start in the middle and work your way out. This confuses my brain and makes it hurt.......haha
English will be a good class for me as it's title is writing stratagies, I truly believe it will help with my blogging and hopefully make my posts interesting with some finess.

So as you go about your busy day, just think you to could be sitting in Math 105 learning Algebra with me :-)

Jeremiah 29:11-13

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord"plans to prosper you and not to harm you,plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

This scripture really hit home to me today, and makes me realize how truly Blessed I am, Indeed!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Angels

Flump! I flop down on my back, Stretch my arms out wide, Spread my feet far apart, And swish them side to side. Whoosh! I flap my wings wildly. Ready, here I go Flying forms on winter white, Angels in the snow!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Boy, A Chevy, and a Frozen Lake

So last night Chad asks his Dad(well begs) him to please let him drive his truck around the neighborhood. After many No's on hubby's end he caves into the boy and throws him the keys, tells him to take it out on the frozen lake and go across and come back. (yes we drive across the frozen lakes in Alaska in the winter :-) Well being a typical teen he is all excited and takes off for the lake. About 15 minutes later he calls from his cell phone and says in a panic, "I got dad's truck stuck in the plow berm" Well this is not good news as it's 10 below out there and all he has on for a coat is a hoodie. Ya know kids just won't wear coats anymore. So he is running across the lake headed for home. Hubby and I take my car and go out there and find his truck really stuck, and realize that he spun out of control and lodged in the the berm hard. So the old Chevy sat on the frozen lake all night. A good friend came over today and pulled him out, and got it back home. Flat back passenger tire, what it looks like is he almost rolled it over, as hubby said. Good lesson for a teen boy who thinks he knows it all, and a good place to spin out of control where he won't hit anything or anyone, this will show him some respect in driving from now on, and how to dress when going out in the Alaskan winter.

Moon Shine and Blowdryers

Well here it is 5 am, and the moon is shining bright in my window. I hear the trusty old blow dryer warming my car engine as I type. Yes I know this sounds like a crazy venture, but it has been well below zero here for over a week now. The coldest a couple days ago at 40 below. This morning is a whoppin 12 below. Okay now back to the blow dryer on the car engine. I got my car in August and it doesn't have what we call a block heater, beings it's so cold out I have to warm the engine before we can start the car so it will start and not break. We have a block heater on order so for now it's the trusty blow dryer doing the job for me. My huabands truck has a block heater, and we usually use that to get around in the cold, but his truck is not here this morning, let's just say that's another blog of it's own.

Until next time.