Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Million Miles an Hour

Ok so I'm sure you all know how you mind can go a millon miles and hour when thinking or getting disturbing news.

Well my Mom has been battling cancer off and on now since November 2001, in Dec 2001, she had surgery, and started taking a chemo pill called Gleevec. Then another surgery in March of 2002. Then she went in remission and things were going well. All the time in between she was going to all her follow-up appointments, having P.E.T scans, and doing what the Doc's told her to do. Then in Oct. 2008 she had to have surgery again, which at that time they removed some tissue and 2 lymph modes, at that time the Doc told her she would have to take Gleevec the rest of her life. Last week she had a colonscopy, and today she got a call back saying they found cancer cells once again. Now she is waiting for the oncologist to call her back with a plan of action.

I ask that everyone pray, think good thoughts or what ever it is that you do in life, for her.
She is my very best friend, and I want nothing more than her to be alright and cancer free.

Hopefully all this makes sense, as my mind is reeling, and my thoughts are jumbled.


PIECES OF ME said...

Oh Man..
God of Heaven, Move in Momma Linda. Do a mighty work restoring all that is of not you. Visit Linda in her sleep with peacefilled dreams of good health and wellness... Father, bring comfort to my friend Robyns heart. Swirl about her w/ your promises, whisper in her ear tender grace and fill her w/ a kingdom mind, and kingdom thoughts!
Peace and Amen,

Cris25us said...

I will be thinking of her and praying for her. I know what you mean about the mind going a million miles a hour with all I am dealing with as well. I am sorry Robyn for your mom and I will keep her in my thoughts!

THEhooahwife said...

oh no. =( I will definitely keep her in my prayers. big hugs!

the4corners said...

I hope that your mother finds strength to heal through everyones prayers for her.