Friday, January 9, 2009

Moon Shine and Blowdryers

Well here it is 5 am, and the moon is shining bright in my window. I hear the trusty old blow dryer warming my car engine as I type. Yes I know this sounds like a crazy venture, but it has been well below zero here for over a week now. The coldest a couple days ago at 40 below. This morning is a whoppin 12 below. Okay now back to the blow dryer on the car engine. I got my car in August and it doesn't have what we call a block heater, beings it's so cold out I have to warm the engine before we can start the car so it will start and not break. We have a block heater on order so for now it's the trusty blow dryer doing the job for me. My huabands truck has a block heater, and we usually use that to get around in the cold, but his truck is not here this morning, let's just say that's another blog of it's own.

Until next time.



Cris said...

Dang that is cold but we use a hairdryer as well when it is cold to warm the engine lol I though we were the only ones! Hope it warms up for ya