Saturday, January 24, 2009


About 9:09 am this morning my hubby and I were sitting at the table drinking coffee, talking about our day. Well I felt a bump in my chair and asked him if he felt that. He responded with a yeah and about that time it started shaking the house, my plants were swinging along with the crystals hanging in the window, It went on what felt like ever, but only a minute or less. I checked with the and they say it was a 5.7 Talk about a crazy way to wake up, cause that really gets your blood flowing and makes ya wonder if this is gonna be a biggy and ever stop.
I grab the phone and call a few friends and ask did ya feel that....LOL
The only one that didn't feel it was my daughter Rachel cause she was sleeping, the goof!


He And Me + 3 said...

We had 1 earth quake in Michigan & I will never forget it. Glad you are OK.

Cris25us said...

WOW that must have been crazy I have yet to be in a earthquake lol but I don't think there is even a fault line anywhere close to me.I am glad you are ok!!! Thanks again for the card!!

Mc Allen said...

Wow!! i havnt ever been throuh one, but i dont wanna!! i'm glad your ok!! ;)