Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ick Rinks

Finally our Alaskan weather has warmed from 40 below to 40 above, the only problem with that is it brought rain with it. Most of us know that rain on top of snow does not mix well. Our roads are like an ice rink now. Yes I had to drive out there today, and it seems so wrong to drive on something that looks like you could ice skate on. So off I go on my mission to Sterling, steering wheel white knuckled, and total concentration of watching the road. People in the ditch and cars in other places they should not be. I light a smoke and pray that I keep my Saturn on the road. I only go 40 mph, and let the jerks that think they need to whiz by ride my ass, until they get to the point they can pass, and I say"see ya in the ditch up there", which 1 person fishy tailed all over and made it out of it and kept going, only to reach speeds to fast for ice once again. I made it to where I was going and back home, and I am so thankful to be off the ice rink, and in my snugly home where I belong.


THEhooahwife said...

haha, oh wow. Where I come from driving on ice is not smiled upon, and 40 mph on ice is worthy of being committed! GO YOU! =)

I'm glad you made it out and back safely, that is all that matters!

Cris25us said...

Well dang girl you are much braver than I. I don't think I would be out driving lol. At least you made it there and back safely!!