Friday, January 9, 2009

A Boy, A Chevy, and a Frozen Lake

So last night Chad asks his Dad(well begs) him to please let him drive his truck around the neighborhood. After many No's on hubby's end he caves into the boy and throws him the keys, tells him to take it out on the frozen lake and go across and come back. (yes we drive across the frozen lakes in Alaska in the winter :-) Well being a typical teen he is all excited and takes off for the lake. About 15 minutes later he calls from his cell phone and says in a panic, "I got dad's truck stuck in the plow berm" Well this is not good news as it's 10 below out there and all he has on for a coat is a hoodie. Ya know kids just won't wear coats anymore. So he is running across the lake headed for home. Hubby and I take my car and go out there and find his truck really stuck, and realize that he spun out of control and lodged in the the berm hard. So the old Chevy sat on the frozen lake all night. A good friend came over today and pulled him out, and got it back home. Flat back passenger tire, what it looks like is he almost rolled it over, as hubby said. Good lesson for a teen boy who thinks he knows it all, and a good place to spin out of control where he won't hit anything or anyone, this will show him some respect in driving from now on, and how to dress when going out in the Alaskan winter.


Mc Allen said...

Oh No He Didnt!!! well, 2 things occur t me... first, I cannot imagine letting kait drive on a frozen lake... wild man wild. Ive seen ice road truckers, I know it can be done.... 2nd is, whew, like we said earlier, thank goodness he was out by himslef and didnt hit anything. Lesson learnt!! Love ya's...LA

Cris said...

Haha yea sounds like something my dad told me once when I got his truck stuck ad I wouldn't wear my jacket because it wasn't "cool" lol I wore my jacket after that night. At least he wasn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, hehe. brings back memories for sure with my kids!. So glad that he is safe and not hurt, know it scared the poop out of h im huh? dont think we have ever seen cold like u all are getting., bet it is beautiful though too. You all take care and be safe......tell him to be sure and bundle up when he goes out, if he got stuck somewheres he freeze to death!..