Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet My daughter Lora

This is my youngest Daughter Lora. She is 24, and a very beautiful woman also. She lives in Alaska not to far from me, she lives with her man and 2 kids. She is a lucky a stay at home Mom also. I'm very proud of her in many ways. I'm so Blessed to have a woman to woman relationship with her.


Cris25us said...

That is great you have a wonderful relationship with her.

THEhooahwife said...

Awww All of your daughters are so pretty! I love the fact you have a great relationship with each of them.

My mom and I went through it when I was a teen, but now we are so close. She is truly the best girl friend I have!

He And Me + 3 said...

She is so pretty...it is nice to live so close to your kids huh? I live right around the corner from my mom.

falling two pieces said...

You know I love Ms. Lora.. Her babies make me happy.. Brian went and bought me the same paper and pens so I can play at home.. I have been making the gurls some Awesome pics MAN!