Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homework Vs. Beauty

Yesterday was my first day back to school, and as you all know along with that comes homework. So this morning I open the blinds to my windows, and log into my web class. I start working through the assignments the teacher posted, and bam I find myself staring out into the beautiful morning. I can't help but take a moment and thank the Lord for such beauty filling my eyes as I try to work along. I get through most of those assignments and pull out my math book, well here again I find myself gazing out the window, at the splendor of the morning. I'm feeling very lucky to be at home working on my education, and being able to take in such beauty as I factor trinomials.


Mc Allen said...

omgosh this is just magestic....I think I would have a problem too... I am so proud of you sis for this journey you are on to better yourself... you rock!!

PIECES OF ME said...

Love you monkey! Love the shot~ Love that I have such an amazing friend, when I am such a shithead!
Happy School Dayzzz~