Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not So Good May

May has not been a good month for me. I have had many unhappy moments that have turned into days of unhappiness. I have thought and thought on how to write this blog post, and what to share and not share, but the more I have thought about this and prayed about this, God has really placed on my heart to be open and honest about it all. So here goes:

I have been unhappy in my marriage for a few months now, and finally brought it to my Husbands attention. He spends more time with his friends, and bottles of beer than he does at home with me. Actually this action has been going on, off and on for years. We talk, it changes and then goes back to the same, so here we are again talking about my feelings about this. Well he blew up and said some mean things this time, such as "I'm Done" "I will do what the F... I want", "I'm sick of you looking down your Nose at me for the last 20 years.............etc. So I packed a small bag and headed out the door to my daughter's house to cry in peace and wonder where my life is going to take me. He called my cell many times and I would not answer. Finally the next morning he called and asked me to come home and talk. I told him exactly how I feel and felt about that he said to me. So now we are working on this issue in our lives and I hope it can be mended or I will have to move to a place and start my life over again, and this is something I really don't want to do, but will, because I will not live unhappy with a drunk the rest of my life.

I blog about this, because it is my life and my feelings, not for sympathy or a poor you. Now maybe I can get on with some other blog posts with out getting" The blog post blank stares".......LOL


McCrakensx4 said... sorry to hear about your marriage...I pray that God leads the both of you in the direction that He has intended. Stay strong and take day at a time.

Wanda said...

Life can be extremely hard sometimes, I do hope all is worked out for your best, Robyn. Just be true to yourself, so you can be an authentic person, we all deserve to be content with our choices!


LegoMom said...

I have not logged into my Blogger account for weeks now. Today, for some reason, I thought I'd pop in and just see what was going on. I saw your update and my heart goes out to you. Please know that I am lifting you, your husband and your marriage up in prayer. It's a powerful thing and I know God hears. He's got you in His loving arms and won't let go. Hang in there.



He & Me + 3 said...

It does take two to make it work...I pray that you are both willing to give 100% to your marriage and that you are happy.