Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feeling A little Mental

I'm not even sure how to explain my feelings these days. I can't quite put my finger on what is going on with me, mid-life, pre- menopause dang I just don't know!
I don't feel very happy and it seems that nothing satisfies me. Not that I'm asking for fame and glory, but damn!
I am taking a summer class, I go back to work for the summer starting Tuesday, and I have numerous things to accomplish for my fall term, that needs to be taken care of now. I don't feel overwhelmed with all of this, and maybe the bored feeling I have will go away once all of this falls into action. I just don't know!
I find myself over eating and eating because I feel comfort in doing so, then I get sad because I weigh more now than I ever have in my entire life. I don't like my looks in pictures and oh no don't even set me in front of a mirror naked!
I wish my hubby would pay more attention to me, but he has his friends and they seem to be more important to him. He just goes and does his own thing and here I sit like right now, trying to put my feelings into words on my blog.......................blah!


Joanne said...

awww been there. Its like a vicious circle. I eat cause I am sad and then I get sad cause I eat too much! Its a stuck feeling that only stops when I change things up a bit. Hope you feel better soon. Blessings, Joanne

He & Me + 3 said...

I can relate a little bit. I think all of us have been there. I will say a prayer for you. Feel better my friend. I Peter 5:7 Cast all your cares upon HIM for He cares for you.

Darcie said...

Robyn...I understand...I really do. There are times in life that things don't seem to make any sense and we can't figure out why we are discouraged, but in those times I believe that is when we draw closest to our Father. He is the only one that will not fail us...His promise.