Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday's Random Thoughts

My Sister sent me a beautiful well put together photo album she made through shutterfly for my birthday. Although my birthday isn't until next month, I am very excited and show it off every chance I get. Thank-you Sissy!

My back has still be hurting me, last week I went in for x-rays and the Doc says I have arthritis in my lower back but that should not be causing this much pain. I worked 9 hours Sunday and it was beyond busy, by the time I got home I could hardly move. So back to the doc yesterday and he took me off work, and gave me some pain meds to deal with it. Plus he wanted to do blood work to make sure nothing is wrong with my kidneys or liver. Well the stupid girl tried 3 times in different places to get blood and struck out. I told her 3 strikes your out! So now I have to call them and ask to be sent to the hospital for them to try and get my blood. UGH! Now Wednesday I have a chiropractor appt to see it they can give me any relief.

Depending on how I'm feeling I'm suppose to go on a small road trip with my daughter Lora on Thursday to Homer. We have had it planned for almost a month now to go down there and shop and have dinner, just a Mom ,Daughter get away for the day. I'm hoping that the chiropractor can give me enough relief to make this trip.

Our new dog Rikki is fitting into our home perfectly and we took her in to get fixed last week. I do not want puppy's and she hadn't been fixed yet. So she is recovering from that nicely. She is such a good girl, listens to every word, does not leave the yard and minds beyond belief.

I know there is fish in the river and because of my back I cannot go fishing this is making my mind crazy! I love fishing and the sockeye are in that river dang it!

Okay Okay enough of my ramblings, Have a beautiful day!


christy rose said...

Hi just stopped over from Miti's at Pieces of Me! I am intrigued by meeting someone who lives in Alaska. I also have five children but no grandchildren yet. My oldest is 15. Hope it will be awhile actually. :) I read a few of your posts and I would like to continue to come back and get to know you more. I would love it if you would like to come by and meet me and my family as well, if you would like to. I love making new blogging friends.
Glad to meet you,
Christy Rose

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh sweets I hope your back is feeling better. So not a fishing person, but I know you enjoy all those wonderful outdoorsy things ... LOL.

I hope the chiro fixes my girl! You take it easy!

The photo book sounds amazing! Happy Early Birthday!

McCrakensx4 said...

I hope you back feels better soon. I have a bad back and it is NO fun to be in pain! I hope you get relief from the chiro...it would be a bummer to miss your mother/daughter day! And I am glad that that cute puppy is fitting into your family!

Aly Beth said...

I love random thoughts, in all shapes and sizes!