Monday, July 12, 2010

On The Bank Of The Kenai

My Husband and I took advantage of my day off and headed down to the river for some salmon fishing.
The day and the river was so beautiful and we were in high spirits of catching us some salmon.
Both of us love to fish and spend time on the bank trying our best to hook them up.
The sun on the river was beautiful and really caught my eye, good thing I had my camera.
Well we didn't catch this time but we had a great day of hanging out together and really enjoyed each others company.

I have a few more pictures but think I will save them for Thursday's Shoot out.


Darcie said...

I can see why that picture caught your eye...the sun is just gorgeous there on the water! I bet you and your husband were glad you brought your sunglasses. ;-)

Alicia said...

What a nice day of doing something together, and especially since fishing is so relaxing!


hey had a minute thought I would check you out over here! Great pics! We spent the day in Homer sunday.... Love you!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ahhh I love these shots :)