Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh So Random

Well I feel like I have hardly had time to blog these days, with working so many hours and my family demands. I always say that summer takes over and winter things will slow down, but then school starts and I get loaded with school work. Now this winter I'm going to try and keep my job and go to school so we shall see just how much time I will have.

The days have been really nice, but I haven't had time to get that fishing pole in the water as much as I would like.

In 10 days we are having visitors here from Arizona, and I'm looking forward to their arrival. They planned a trip up here and we will get to spend some time with them as they tour the Peninsula. We are planning a huge family BBQ while they are here, and that will be a great day and lots of picture taking.

It's hard for me to believe that tomorrow is July 1st already! It seems that the days just fly by.

We are planning a trip to the big city (Anchorage) for school clothes shopping, and I'm looking forward to the get away, as we will stay in a hotel and play, swimming, hot tub the works.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer so far.


Darcie said...

How come it feels like summer is flying by, but barely feels like it has even started.

Enjoy your time with your company.

Wanda said...

Time seems to be speeding up for everybody...I haven't posted since Friday afternoon.

Denise said...

I cannot believe it is July already

Kelly said...

Where in the world did June go? I mailed your frame Monday! You should get it by the end of the week! Have a good rest of the week!

chili pepper said...

I too, am in shock, that already July 4th is here! It is hard to find time to blog when there are so many fun things to do.