Friday, June 19, 2009


Okay this Friday's shoot out was suppose to be anything Metal, but I have been just a little busy with all action here so I thought I would use my pictures from what I have been doing this week.
Here in Alaska we have a couple weeks in June where you can go to the beach and do set netting for salmon. Our friends have a camp site and have been netting everyday since Monday.

These people are pulling in their net in hopes of it being full of Salmon.
Just a few campers lodged on the beach taking care of their nets and fish.

All the round balls are floats on the nets holding them in place along with net anchors.

Ahhhhhh just about ready to start cleaning some of our fish from the net.

One almost done and many more to go.

Pretty fillets of Sockeye Salmon, and they add up quickly!

First rack all brine up getting ready for the smoker!

So far we have gotten 18 fish and they are all taken care of. Not sure how many more we will get, but the limit for our household is 45. That's 25 for head of the household and 10 per person after that.
Yippi Skippi I Love living in Alaska!


Darcie said...

Yummy, Yummy! I can taste them now just by looking at the pictures. Enjoy!

shabby girl said...

Can you hear me licking my chops???? I'd help pull those nets any day! Maybe I can help when we travel up there! Such a different life than we live in the lower 48!
Have a scrumptious and wonderful weekend!

Daphine said...

WOW! This is great! Looks like a lot of fun time! LOVED looking at all the pictures!

Have a great weekend!

He And Me + 3 said...

How neat. I loved those pictures. How many have you caught yourself?

Sarah Lulu said...

I love you living in Alaska too, because it's so fascinating for me!

Wanda said...

Lucky Lucky Lucky You Robyn!!!Maybe I should move to I'll just have to buy mine at Costco I guess...Great photos Robyn!

Smile and take care!

T said...

I'm heading up with bagels and cream cheese!

How cool is it that you catch and preserve your own food!

jen@odbt said...

Wow - fresh salmon...yum! That is a great reason to live in Alaska. What a fun outing.

McCrakensx4 said...

That is so cool! I love seafood, but the only kind of fish I like is salmon! Yummy! Looks like lots of fun and very interesting to see! Never knew that is how you did it!

Tina said...

Oh gosh that looks so good. Wish I was right there myself!

Sneaky Momma said...

Wow! Now that is cool! :)

Butler and Bagman said...

Mmmm...makes me hungry too. A great but someone fishy approach to the metal theme. I'm going to assume there is no Mercury in these shots. Heck, I'd eat them anyway!

Chele said...

I spotted some metal in these pics. lol

Oh my goodness, I just showed these pics to my dh and he is so envious. lol

Kelly said...

WOW! How cool is that! I LOVE SALMON! Great pictures!

Gordon said...

I leave in two weeks for my fishing trip to AK.
How do you brine your fish? Great post, by the way!

GingerV said...

Oh these are wonderful, my favorite meal is baked salmon. how lucky for you to pull them from the sea and make them for your family.

Carin said...

That looks like such a fun time out on the beach trying to catch them. Looks like a great place for a bonfire! I really enjoyed your 52 weeks picture. So cute and so much fun. Have a wonderful day!

Patty said...

Well, there are metal objects in the photos.

I am so jealous of your fish. The only kind of meat we have eaten for 30 years is seafood and we do that only once a week. Salmon is our favorite. In Georgia, the fish manager of our Publix store used to get Copper River salmon when it was in season. It was so good.

We eat only wild caught seafood from US waters, and the manager always got what was in season for us. He never accepted any fish that he would not eat himself.

No store in Maryland that we have talked to can get fresh Copper River Salmon. We have been to Giant and all the other big stores. And I have to say that we have not found one seafood manager in these big stores who treats us like the one at Publix did. We don't have Publix stores in Maryland, and that is sad.

Of course, we have the best crabs and oysters around. And we have some great bay fishing, but I am so fond of salmon and grouper.