Friday, August 28, 2009

My Head is Reeling With Feelings

My Brother in law came over tonight to ask a big favor of me. He is sick and needs a kidney transplant. He has been going to Anchorage 3 times a week for dialysis, mind you this is a 145 miles away one way. His kidney's are only working at 25% at the moment. He is on a very restricted diet and can only drink a very limited amount of fluids a day. He has no insurance to cover the meds he has to take and that's 300 a month every month. This means he has to come up with 5000 before they will even put him on the list for a new kidney.
So what he wants me to do is a fundraiser of some sort. I told him I would look over all the info he brought me and do what I can.
Have any of you ever done a fundraiser of this sort? Have any idea's?

Oh and if you would like to donate go to and in the yellow box type in the last name Simons and in the box type (it's a drop down) go to kidney and his page will pop up for a donation. If any of you donate thank you very much for helping my family and life it's self.


Tasha said...

Wow, I would even begin to know how to set up a fundraiser... I wish I knew how! hmmmm. Maybe try a multi-faceted approach, like online fundraising, with blogs, facebook, myspace type deals, and perhaps you can get a local business to donate a prize that you can then raffle away to raise donations. You can contact local churches or moose lodge type deals and hold a fundraising potluck or something, that way if people can't donate money they can at least donate time and effort to raise the money. I don't know if any of the ideas above are even worth pursuing, but they just popped into my head and I thought I'd throw them out there.

Good Luck with this, I know it is a lot to handle and I'll be sending my prayers, and hopefully a donation too, if I can. :)

Robyn said...

Thank you for yor idea's Tasha, it means a lot to me along with those prayers.
Again Thank you

Wanda said...

Hi Robyn...Tasha had some good ideas. Maybe a member of your chamber of commerce would have an idea of something in the business community!

He & Me + 3 said...

I will talk to my hubs. he does a lot of fundraising for his school. I will see if he has any ideas. I would say a spaghetti dinner a silent auction where the community donates things to be auctioned off. People can even donate their services. LIke hair cuts, massages, etc.
I am so sorry to hear this about your bil

Robyn said...

Thank you for the idea's amd Thanks Mimi for asking hubys for me. I will do something!

Jacki said...

We did a lot of fundraisers while Mike was sick. You will be amazed how much people are willing to help!
You need to start by asking help from your closest friends and family. You WILL need help!

Two of our most successful ones were a benefit motorcycle run, and a chili supper/gospel singing. Both raised about $5000.00 each!

We had our prizes donated, and people cooked the chili and desserts. If you will email me....I'll be glad to tell you what I learned. It was a first for me too!
Prayers for you, your brother in law, and your family!!

christy rose said...

A community garage sale usually makes a lot of money too. People will donate stuff that they would normally put in a garage sale themselves or would have taken to good will for you to sell for the fund raiser. You can make a lot of money if you advertise it well.

Alicia said...

What about a fundraiser selling baked goods?? I know that people are always interested in buying cookies, etc.

Oh my..I can't imagine driving 3 days a week, almost 300 miles a day.

I'll be praying, Robyn.

Robyn said...

Thank you for all the idea's. Jacki I will be emailing you. I have to check into a spot for the up coming craft fairs, I have 10 people that will bake for that to sell goodies.
It is getting past garage sale weather here so I need to check into finding a place under cover of some sort. Again Thank you Ladies.