Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wow I'm Going Random~~Messy

Wow so far the month of August has been busy, a bit of a blur and moody for me.
I know I haven't blogged much this month but I have tried many times and sat here with my new post open and thought to my self if you don't have anything good to say and all you want to do it bitch don't post anything at all. I think I'm finally coming out of my busy funk!

The 12th and 13th of the month we went to Anchorage school clothes shopping and spent the night in a hotel. The big city anymore give me the willies! We did enjoy our time and got all the school clothes and supplies my son needed. We had a nice dinner out and after dinner my son and I went to the pool and hot tub at the hotel. It was so much fun to play in the water with him and relax. The next morning we headed down to the restaurant and had made to order free breakfast. That was so yummy, omelet, a pancake, with coffee and juice. Good thing they didn't lock the door when they saw my teen coming for breakfast. He ate until full and if you have teen boys you know being full can take a lot of food and time...LOL

The 19th of this month was my 44th birthday, seems pretty weird that I'm 44, my mind and heart feel younger than that. Although sometimes my body feels older. It was an alright day, as usual Hubby didn't to a thing for me....Long story there. My Sister sent me these great fuzzy lined croc's and man let me tell you they are the best!!! My friend Alice and I went out to lunch, which was yummy!

Saturday the 22nd we went to the fair and enjoyed ourselves and had yummy fair food. I'm sure you have seen my post and pictures about that.

Yesterday was my baby's first day of high school, that's a hard one to swallow. But then again 2 of my granddaughters went to kindergarten yesterday also. Quite the mix I would say.

Now today it is back to college classes for me. I have 2 classes this term. English and American sign language. I'm looking forward to this term and I'm sure homework will keep me busy. Oh and the cool part about it is my daughter Rachel is taking the same classes with me. So we will be the Mother/Daughter team.

Okay that about sums it up for the Month of August for me, thanks for hanging in there and not exiting out of my blog thinking this chick is so boring.

Have a Blessed day!


shabby girl said...

Happy Birthday! Belated, but still... My daughter's birthday was the 23rd, and I swear we were just talking about how we seem to stay feeling young in our heads. She turned 37. That's a mind blower, especially since I"M not even 37...in my head! And yes, I've had to feed two teenage boys. You're right, you're lucky they didn't shut down breakfast! Ha ha ha.

Jacki said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Mine was the day after yours! (Except I was 52) UGH!!
It really doesn't bother me at all. I'm just glad to be above ground!!

glad to hear you're going back to classes. I'm gonna do that one day!

He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Belated birthday. Hope your sons first day went well. Good luck with your college classes.

Alicia said...

Oh, Robyn!! Happy Belated Birthday, my friend!!!!!! I'm glad you love your new Crocs!!!

And wow, everyone is in school..including you!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow last one to enter h.s. ahhhh how sad but exciting!

44 is nothing, you look amazing and are so young at heart!!!

Your August sounds amazing!

T said...

Happy Birthday!

Hs - I wll be facing that next year! Hang in there!

ASL - I took a class in that and loved it! I'm even considering brushing up on it so I can go to the next level.

christy rose said...

Your baby is going to High School? My second oldest is going to high school this year and next year I will have 3 in high school. I can't believe it. Where does the time go?
Good for you that you are taking college classes. That is great! Happy belated birthday!

Tasha said...

OH! Happy belated Birthday!!