Monday, October 4, 2010

Mix It Up

For many years I have wanted a Kitchen Aid mixer. I have asked for one for my birthday and Christmas but it has never showed up until a few days ago. My wonderful Husband sprang and purchased me one. Ohhhh so happy am I.

I couldn't help but hug my new piece of kitchen equipment.( sorry I don't look so hot here, just came home from the gym) I love to cook, and this is just the thing to add to my collection of kitchen goodies! Now looking online I have found a bunch of attachments that I seriously think I need, So those go on the list next.
Today I made homemade from scratch brownies, using my mixer to mix them up. Talk about yummy! Tomorrow I will have to hit the gym really hard to work off those 3 brownies I ate tonight.


Ms. Diva said...

What a sweet hubby!!! Making stuff from scratch so beyond my capabilities!!! You rock!!

Darcie said...

How exciting Robyn!! You will love sweet of the husband. Enjoy cooking!!!

Jacki said...

Chuck bought me one for Christmas last year. I love it!!
Now I even have some extra time to use it...and my waist line is showing it! lol