Monday, September 7, 2009

Some Cabbage And An Oink Oink

A couple days ago we went to a friends house to help harvest some of this garden. Upon arrival his piggy greeted us with a couple snorts.....LOL I couldn't help but snap off a couple shots of the pig himself.

The cabbages were looking good and I managed to get one of these fine looking ones for homemade cabbage rolls. With one stipulation, I invite the grower over for dinner. Not problem, it will be a German dinner night Tuesday night my house.

Pigs are funny animals although they do stink.
Along with phrases like :
He eats like a pig!
I'm a stuffed pig!
Piggin out!

I think the phrase everything grows larger in Alaska holds true!
Just look at this cabbage!

I was all about taking more picture of Marks garden and as soon as I took these photo's my camera shut it's self off and said DEPLETED BATTERIES! I was so mad not to have more with me so I could capture more of the Alaska wonders of gardening!


Jacki said...

I'll be there for German night!
I love cabbage rolls!

Darcie said...

The bounty of it!

Butler and Bagman said...

Do cabbage rolls go well with bacon?

He & Me + 3 said...

Both the pig and the cabbage are huge. Wow I would love some cabbage rolls too. YUM

christy rose said...

There is not a saying that says, "sleeps like a pig" is there? That is funny! Those cabbages are huge!