Monday, March 16, 2009

Photo Blog ????'s

Ok I have pictures I want to add to my blog, if I send them to photo bucket first, I have to down size them to get them to fit on my blog and they just don't seem big enough to enjoy.
Then if I just add them from my computer they are the right size for me, but then they all are at the top of my blog and I cannot write in between them.
Any suggestions on how to make them the way I want, all nice to enjoy with captions in between?


Gill said...

Hey there, add your photos before the writing..if you add your images to the Left or Right you can write beside the image...if you add them in the centre you can write between them by placing the cursor to the bottom right of the image and pressing "enter" it should open a space to write. Hope this helps you!
Looking forward to seeing the photos!

Wanda said...

Gill's way...that's exactly how I do it too Robyn! I'll be back to see your weekend photos.

Robyn said...

Thank you everyone for the help on this :-)