Saturday, March 7, 2009


I first saw this FUN experiment on Kim's Blog now it's FLOATING around blogland.

Here's how it works:
I'm going to post a question at the end of this post, the first person to comment answers my question, then leaves a new question for the next commenter.

The next person answers the question from the previous commenter, plus leaves a new question for the next person to comment on. And so on.

Make sense?

And you can come back and answer new questions as much as you want.
Here's the question for the first person to comment on:

How often do you try new recipes when cooking?



Oh My Everyday.. Everytime I cook it's a new one!
Question: Do you recycle tin cans?

Robyn said...

yes I do recycle!

Are you more of a early riser or night owl?

Jacki said...

Early Riser!

What's your favorite passtime?

Wanda said...

...reading a really good book outside in the shade!

What's one of your favorite books?

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

What fun!
The Be (Happy) Attitudes by Robert Schuller. What is your favorite TV show?

heidi said...

Oh this is FUN! I'm totally gonna steal it - you mind?

My favorite TV show can not be just one show. Because it can't. Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, Survivor, Hell's Kitchen..oy. Too many.

What is your favorite vegetable?

Maria said...

My favorite vegetable is a potato!!

What is your favorite time of the day?

Robyn said...

Early Morning when I'm up alone and on the computer checking in with my friends.

How many hours a day do you spend on the computer?

McCrakensx4 said...

Depends on which day! At school, I always have it on to check my email, when I am at home, ususally a couple of hrs, after the boys go to bed!

What is your favorite family activity?

He And Me + 3 said...

Right now playing board games.

How often do you eat out in a week?

Robyn said...

Maybe once a week, wish it was more though as I'm tired of being the chef!

What is your favorite kind of music?

Mam-c-ta said...

Oldies, but Goodies. AC/DC. What's your favorite movie?

Robyn said...

Well I really don't watch movies often, but I will have to say Twilight was great.

What is your favorite thing to do on Sunday's?


When time and life allow Church With my Friend, umm oh yeah YOU! Summer time is to play in the dirt, Winter time is to cook Soup/ roast/pies...Listen to music, dance... w/ Oz man! I LOVE sundays!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Robyn said...

Done with school, an awesome job, and a new house!

Do you ever wish you were living in a different State?